Birthday Celebration For Volunteers

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Every month we have a birthday party for all the volunteers and staff members that were born that month. On April 25th we celebrate the birthdays of our volunteer Nadja Merk from Germany and Germán Venegas our co worker.

A traditional celebration for us has music, decoration, food and of course birthday cake.

We always sing the birthday song in different languages: Spanish, English, German, Norwegian….which shows the great diversity of volunteers. The birthday person asks for a wish; blow the candles and in Ecuador the b-day person must bite the cake.

After enjoying a delicious cake we had a PIÑATA, which is a carton made and decorated figure filled with candy which must be broken by the person which celebrates the b-day, in this case Nadja.


First she got her eyes covered and after a couple of turns she must try to break the Piñata with the instructions given by the other guests to help her give the right hit. Once the candy falls in the ground the idea is that everybody can take them.

A special tradition in Ecuador is to hit the b-day person with a belt for the number of years he turns out. It is very important to mention that we only did this because our co-worker agreed with that.
This celebration is a wonderful opportunity because we understand that the participants are far away from family and friends and we think that we are an extended family and we enjoy celebrating with them.

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