World Cup Friendly Match Ecuador vs. Germany

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Fútbol is a really important part of our culture!

Culture can be described in many different ways. Ecuadorians have a huge love for soccer and even more nowadays due to the upcoming World Cup that will take place in Brazil. As special training, we had a friendly match between Germany’s soccer team in the U.S.

We can see and feel what makes this sport so special and how it makes others feel. We host many volunteers from Germany who feel so proud of their team. Meanwhile our Spanish teachers and staff also feel a huge surge of emotion when our soccer players walk onto the field. Everyone is cheering and so full of emotions while representing their countries. The beautiful part is watching such an interesting, intense game, but at the same time not offending either opponent and watching with so much respect for one other.

Both teams have played only twice before, but our volunteers from Germany somehow feel stuck in the middle of rooting for both teams because Ecuador is the country that has taken them in and given them so much during their stay. They don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so the afternoon simply turns into a friendly and fun time getting to know those they barely know from the office while talking about the game.

It is amazing to see how this sport can unite other cultures together. It seems like we all are from the same country despite the fact that Ecuadorians wear yellow, blue and red and Germany wears white and black. Culture can be shown by many different ways and our country has the greatest advantage of all, expressing different shows of culture.

Our Spanish School and Foundation always look for different ways to give our students and volunteers a little piece of home in our own.

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